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Who We Are
Diamond Line English Shepherds is a family- owned kennel. Our family has been raising English Shepherds for 10 years and we are committed to providing you with a beautiful, healthy, well-socialized, english shepherd puppy. 

Our shepherds are members of our family. They have enriched our lives with so much joy, love, comfort and companionship and we want you to be able to experience the same by owning one of our puppies.

Each one of our puppies is raised with special love and care as members of our family. They are socialized from a young age so that they will grow into confident, intelligent adults.

Are you ready to add a new puppy to your family? 
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Whether you are looking to add a new member to your family now or in the future, we would love to hear from you!
About the English Shepherd Breed
The English Shepherd breed has been historically known as a farmer's best kept secret. 
English Shepherd Breed Standard
History of the English Shepherd
What to look for when selecting a puppy
The English Shepherd breed is the perfect family companion and working partner because of their high intelligence, calm demeanor, and eagerness to please and be near you, their owner. 

They differ from other herding breeds because they have been bred with an instinctive need to make their owner and family happy. Because of this, the english shepherd will go to great lengths to obey and learn from his owners. They are often called "english shadows" because they are natural heelers and will walk right beside you. Their in-bred protective nature drives them to watch over their family and babysit the smaller animals or children in their family. 
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