Farm dogs and livestock

Farm dogs and livestock
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Our English Shepherds are excellent with the goats. They are natural low healers and have strong herding instincts. As tough as necessary and as gentle as possible with the stock. Our dogs watch over our goats and herd them to the pastures and round up the wonderers. English Shepherds are LGD dogs and are very protective over the stock. We have not had any issues with predators such as coyotes, foxes, and raccoons. As soon as a fox gets close to the property our ES's run them off.
Round 'em up, Dixie
The English Shepherd develops a bond with and displays a nurturing attitude toward his owner's livestock and will keep them in their place while guarding against predators and pests. The English Shepherd is very agile and quick  with stamina and grit to cover many miles and work long hard days of demanding work. They're natural instincts enables them to carry out their work with minimum direction. Their purposefulness and confidence and commitment to rules drives them to maintain order on the ranch or in the home even in his master's absence. All the while, he is devoted to and ever aware of his master and obsesses a willingness to obey to the utmost.
"A farmer's helper, a loyal companion, a child's shadow: The English Shepherd."
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